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PetClub 247 is revolutionizing how and why pet parents shop online. Become a PetClub 247 Brand Advocate today for less than $15 and earn rewards for doing what you love. Whether you're looking for a new full time income, or just enough extra to treat you and your pet to the occasional spa day, we can help.

Earn Rewards As A Brand Advocate
Enter your enrollment information and pay a $14.99 Monthly Platform Services Fee- which takes care of your website, shopping cart, app and marketing resources, commission tracking and additional tools you will need to manage your business.

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 Earn Rewards As A Brand Influencer
To receive the Brand Influencer designation, click the button below to enroll as a Brand Advocate and purchase either our Pet Nutrition Certification Course or one of our Business Builder Packs to help kickstart your new journey. You will improve your knowledge and understanding of pets receive all of the Brand Advocate business and marketing tools, incredible products to share or resell, and be eligible to earn additional types of rewards.

Select the country you will be enrolling for:

Enroll in the Rewards Program

We provide two enrollment options, so you can choose what works best for YOU.

Brand Advocate Brand Influencer
Offline Retail Sales
Personal Commissions
Overriding Commissions (Tiers 1-2) (All Tiers)
NVP Override Commissions
Business Builder Bonuses
Alpha Pack Bonuses
Revenue Share Bonuses
Certification Bonuses
Pack Leader Retreats



Join the pack.

Together we can do more.

We hope you will join us today; we will be there with you every step of the way. Click the link below to join the movement that is making a huge impact on the pet supply industry. You will immediately receive an email with details on the many ways we as brand advocates can be rewarded for treating pets and their parents better!

Select the country you will be enrolling for:

Select the country you will be enrolling for:


Contact your PetClub 247 Brand Advocate

Boulder City Mounted Patrol Unit,

Regional Manager

Watch the video below to learn what you can do to give your pets the natural support they deserve. If you decide to try the products, all purchases made through this site support the Boulder City Mounted Patrol Unit. Thank you for your belief in us!

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